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What is an airsickness bag on a plane?


An airsickness bag, also known as a vomit bag or motion sickness bag, is a disposable bag provided on airplanes for passengers to use in case they experience nausea or motion sickness during the flight. It is designed to capture and contain vomit, preventing it from spilling and causing discomfort to the passenger or other individuals nearby.

Airsickness bags are typically made of lightweight, leak-proof materials such as plastic or coated paper. They are often provided in the seat pocket or storage compartment in front of each passenger's seat. The bags are usually folded or sealed to maintain cleanliness and are easily accessible in case of need.

When a passenger feels nauseous or experiences motion sickness, they can open the airsickness bag and hold it in front of their mouth. The wide opening of the bag ensures that the vomit can be collected without spillage. Once used, the bag can be sealed or twisted to prevent any odor or leakage and then disposed of in the designated waste receptacles on the aircraft.

Airsickness bags are a common amenity on airplanes as they provide a convenient and hygienic solution for passengers who may feel unwell during the flight. They help maintain a clean and comfortable environment for everyone onboard and offer a discreet means of managing motion sickness symptoms.


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