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Features and functions of a parallel twin screw barrel


A parallel twin screw barrel, also known as a parallel twin screw extruder barrel, is a component used in plastic extrusion processes, particularly in parallel twin screw extruders. It plays a crucial role in melting, mixing, and conveying plastic materials during the extrusion process.

Here are the key features and functions of a parallel twin screw barrel:

1. Construction: A parallel twin screw barrel is typically made of high-quality alloy steel or bimetallic materials that offer excellent wear resistance and durability. The barrel is precisely machined to ensure smooth operation and proper alignment with the twin screws.

2. Twin Screw Design: The parallel twin screw barrel is designed to accommodate two parallel screws that rotate in the same direction. These screws have a consistent diameter along their length and are closely intermeshed to create conveying, kneading, and mixing effects.

3. Material Conveying: The parallel twin screws are responsible for drawing in the plastic material from the feeding section and conveying it along the barrel. The intermeshing action of the screws enables efficient transport of the material from the feed zone to the discharge zone.

4. Melting and Mixing: As the plastic material is conveyed along the barrel, the screws generate heat through friction, resulting in the melting of the plastic. The design of the screw elements facilitates mixing and homogenization of additives, fillers, or colorants, ensuring consistent material properties.

5. Pressure Build-up: The parallel twin screw barrel is designed to create sufficient pressure within the extruder to overcome resistance and facilitate further plasticization of the molten material. This pressure build-up helps in achieving the desired extrusion output and product quality.

6. Temperature Control: The barrel is equipped with heating and cooling systems to precisely control the temperature throughout the extrusion process. This temperature control is critical for achieving the desired melt viscosity and preventing material degradation.

Parallel twin screw extruders with their corresponding barrels are widely used in various plastic processing applications, including profile extrusion, pipe extrusion, compounding, and pelletizing. They offer advantages such as high throughput rates, efficient mixing capabilities, versatile processing of a wide range of materials, and good self-cleaning properties.

It's important to note that the design, specifications, and materials used for parallel twin screw barrels may vary depending on the specific manufacturer, application requirements, and the type of plastic materials being processed. It is recommended to consult the extruder manufacturer's guidelines and specifications for the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of the parallel twin screw barrel within the extrusion system.


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