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How to use lip gloss


1. First, apply foundation that is similar to your skin color on your lips to prime your lips to make the lip gloss more colorful. People with darker lip color need to pay attention to using foundation or concealer first.

2. If you want to highlight the three-dimensional effect of your lips, you can use a lip liner to outline the lips and then apply lipstick.

3. Then start applying lip gloss, starting from the lower lip, apply enough lip gloss on the center of the lips, and spread it lightly from the middle of the lips outwards. Apply evenly, and pay attention to the edges of the lips to be thinner.

4. If you want to prevent the lip gloss from getting on your teeth, you can roll the paper towel into a long strip and put it in your mouth to stick the lip gloss close to your teeth.

When applying lip gloss directly, you can draw a lip line to prevent the lip gloss from spilling, or you can not draw a lip line, so that it will look natural and clear. When applying lip gloss, you generally need to pay attention to applying it evenly and docilely, with clear outlines, pure color, and no glitches or thickness. The application steps are also very simple. First, choose a foundation that is similar to your skin color and do a good base for your lips. This will make the lip gloss more colorful and restore the color of the lip gloss itself.

In addition, people with darker lip color must pay attention to using foundation or concealer as a base in advance. When applying lip gloss, it is generally recommended to start from the lower lip, use a lip brush to dip a little lip gloss and apply it to the middle of the lip. Be careful, gently spread the lip gloss and apply it evenly. Remember not to use too much lip gloss. After applying, you can use a tissue to sip It once to prevent contamination of the teeth, and then re-apply it. Gently smear the area close to the teeth with paper. After a while, re-apply the outer edges, so that not only will it not stain the teeth, but it will also have a little sexy, gradient feel, and a matte texture.

How to choose the lip gloss that suits you

1. Yellowish complexion

When girls with yellowish skin tones choose lip gloss, it is more suitable to choose warm-colored lip gloss with yellow tones, such as orange or brown lip gloss, which can make the lip makeup softer and avoid choosing blue-toned pink lip gloss.

2. Ruddy complexion

Girls with rosy skin are more suitable for brightly colored lip glosses, which highlight the contours of the lips when applied, making the lip makeup more three-dimensional. Avoid choosing neutral-colored lip glosses, which will make the lip contours less obvious.

3. Fair complexion

Girls with fair complexion are suitable to choose brightly colored orange or tender pink lip gloss. When applying, apply it as thickly as possible on the central part of the lips, and then lightly spread it to the surroundings, which can make the lip makeup softer and more delicate.

4. Dark complexion

When choosing lip gloss for girls with dark skin, they must not choose neutral lip gloss. Lip gloss with a stronger or lighter color can liven up the entire makeup. In addition, lip gloss with glitter can also highlight your personality. The shelf life of lip gloss is generally three years, but if the lip gloss has been opened, it must be used up quickly, within one year at the latest, because the gloss of the lip gloss will gradually weaken after opening, and the lip gloss is used on delicate lips superior.

Therefore, it is best to use up the lip gloss as soon as possible after opening it. It is best not to use the lip gloss that has not been used up in the previous year, so as to ensure the gloss and safety of the lip gloss.

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