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What are flange head screws used for


Applications where a bigger bearing surface is required to disperse the clamping force across a greater region call for the usage of flange head screws. They resemble ordinary screws but include a broad flange underneath the head for extra stability and support. It is not necessary to use extra hardware because this flange can also function as a washer or spacer.

In the automotive and aerospace industries, flange head screws are frequently utilized for firmly and powerfully fastening components together. They are also employed in industries that need high-strength fasteners, such as electronics, manufacturing, and construction.

The following are some of the main advantages of flange head screws:

Better clamping force and increased stability are made possible by the broader flange beneath the head, which offers more resistance to bending and permits a higher torque.

Enhanced fatigue resistance: By lowering the possibility of fatigue failure, the broader bearing surface gradually improves durability and dependability.

Decreased requirement for extra hardware – The flange can function as an integrated washer or spacer, saving the need for extra hardware and streamlining assembly.

Better visual appeal – In applications where the fasteners are visible, the flange gives a more polished and visually pleasant look.

Flange head screws offer enhanced stability, fatigue resistance, and aesthetic appeal in a range of applications, making them a versatile and dependable fastener choice.

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