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What are the different types of torsion springs


Torsion springs come in a variety of forms, such as:

The most popular kind of torsion springs are single-bodied ones, which have a single, coiled body with ends that, when twisted, create a radial force.

Double-bodied torsion springs: These springs have two coiled bodies joined by a center boss, which serves as their central attachment point. When a greater torque production is necessary, they are employed.

Torsion springs with hinged legs: These springs may apply force to two different objects at once because their legs are hinged at the ends.

Hairpin or bow spring: The name "hairpin" or "bow" spring refers to the shape of this kind of torsion spring. It is frequently utilized in little applications, such electronic gadgets.

Torsion springs with a spiral form instead of a coil are called spiral torsion springs, and they are frequently employed in space-constrained applications.

Torsion springs with constant torque output: Unlike linear torque increases, the torque produced by these springs is intended to remain constant across a range of deflections. They are employed in situations when a steady force is needed.

Every kind of torsion spring has distinct benefits and suitable uses, and they can be tailored to fulfill particular needs.

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