Completion Process of Silica Sol Investment Casting

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Ningbo Zhiye carries out silica sol investment casting. Firstly, the manufactured wax pattern should be dipped and sanded in two steps according to the general aluminum dihydrogen phosphate process; then the spare part should be filled with uniquely configured sodium silicate sand and hardened by carbon monoxide. The heart is again dipped and sanded until the crusting process is complete. In this process, the preparation and hardening of water glass sand are very important. After practice, the mass concentration of sodium silicate should be adjusted within 28%; and the shell filling is done by hand, and the filled The shell is fed with carbon monoxide gas at one working pressure so that the filling sand inside is hardened so as to obtain higher strength.

In precision casting, metal molds are mainly used for large-scale and mass-produced non-ferrous metal castings, while non-metal molds are mainly used for single-piece and small-batch production. For example, sand molds, high-purity graphite molds, ceramic molds, and investment shells can be used for gravity casting of aluminum alloys, while sand molds are mainly used for processing.

The air permeability and tensile strength of the raw materials for sand molds for gravity casting of aluminum alloy profiles should be higher than those of aluminum castings, and the gas in the die is completely discharged from the safety outlets of the exhaust pipe and the sand hole. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who are responsible for the production, processing, and production of cast steel raw materials, and the cast steel raw materials made by different manufacturers are also quite different in terms of application effects. Therefore, in the process of using cast steel raw materials, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the processing method selected by the manufacturer is reasonable. If there are problems in the processing method of high-quality silica sol investment castings, it will also have a great impact on the production effect of cast steel materials.

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